Is Anger Destroying Your Life

Is Anger Destroying Your Life? Anger Management At Home

Is Anger Destroying Your Life?

  • Do you feel under constant stress and pressure like you are backed into a wall and there is no way out?
  • Does this feeling fill you up with rage and you take it out on others who don't deserve it?
  • Has your anger made a bad situation worse?
  • Have you lost family and friends because of your temper?
  • Have you been passed up for job opportunities and promotions because of your "attitude"?
  • Do you feel so out of control that there is no hope for you?

Don't fear, there is still hope for you yet!

You really are a good person, but haven't found an effective way to deal with the pressures of life. Before all this anger consumes you, ruins your career, destroys your family and your health, do something about it now!

Life can be great when you know how to deal with your anger. Get that boost of confidence you need to deal with any situation that has made you feel trapped in the past. By using simple techniques you can learn at home, you can reverse the damages you have created in your life and create the lifestyle you really want.

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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I Know Something Good About You.

Wouldn't this old world be better,

If the folks we meet would say:

I know something good about you,

And then treat us just that way !

Wouldn't it be fine and dandy,

If each hand-clasp warm and true,

Carried with its assurance -

I know something good about you !

Wouldn't things be more pleasant,

If the good that's in all of us,

Were the only things about us,

That folks bothered to recall !

Wouldn't life be lots more happy,

If we praise the good we see !

For there's such a lot of goodness,

In the worst of you and me.

Wouldn't it be nice to practice,

This fine way of thinking too;

You know something good about me,

I know something good about you !

Author Unknown.

I Know Something Good About You.

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