Is Anger Destroying Your Life

Is Anger Destroying Your Life? Anger Management At Home

Is Anger Destroying Your Life?

  • Do you feel under constant stress and pressure like you are backed into a wall and there is no way out?
  • Does this feeling fill you up with rage and you take it out on others who don't deserve it?
  • Has your anger made a bad situation worse?
  • Have you lost family and friends because of your temper?
  • Have you been passed up for job opportunities and promotions because of your "attitude"?
  • Do you feel so out of control that there is no hope for you?

Don't fear, there is still hope for you yet!

You really are a good person, but haven't found an effective way to deal with the pressures of life. Before all this anger consumes you, ruins your career, destroys your family and your health, do something about it now!

Life can be great when you know how to deal with your anger. Get that boost of confidence you need to deal with any situation that has made you feel trapped in the past. By using simple techniques you can learn at home, you can reverse the damages you have created in your life and create the lifestyle you really want.

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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Positive Thought for the day

I will be trying to put Postivities on daily. A lot of self help authors say to repeat Postivities daily and put them in the present as if it is already a reality not in the future because the subconsious mind will keep what your working toward in the future. So I will be posting Postivities that you can repeat daily

I urge myself and others on today, for I will not settle for less than I am called.

"Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent."

~Eleanor Roosevelt

I am thankful that thorns have roses.

-Alphonse Karr

Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.

-Henry Ford

Only the birds are able to throw off their shadow. The shadow always stays behind on earth. Our imagination flies. We are its shadow on the earth.

-Vladimir Nabokov

From the daily motivator

The authentic you
Life's most beautiful and fulfilling moments are the most sincere and authentic ones. When you are being yourself, that is when you are at your best. Why do you so quickly latch on to someone else's idea of success, while at the same time ignoring your own authentic dreams? Why do you so easily dismiss your own instincts and intuitions?

Others may claim to be experts in this field or that. Remember, though, that you are the expert when it comes to your own life.

Listen to the longings of your heart. Pay attention to that little voice inside of you.

For that voice knows you well. It knows what you can accomplish, what brings you joy, and what things you most highly value.

When something feels right, that's a reliable sign that it is. Choose to live each moment as the authentic person you are, and from those moments you will create much real and lasting richness.

-- Ralph Marston


Are caterpillars good to eat?
Johnny: Daddy, are caterpillars good to eat?

Father: Have I not told you never to mention such things during meals!

Mother: Why did you say that, Junior? Why did you ask the question?

Johnny: It's because I saw one on daddy's lettuce, but now it's gone.

Keep an Eye on Your Cousin
"I thought I told you to keep an eye on your cousin," the mother said. "Where is he?"

"Well," her son replied thoughtfully, "if he knows as much about canoeing as he thinks he does, he's out canoeing. If he knows as little as I think he does, he's out swimming."

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